MN youth camp is a fantastic event primarily for two reasons.

Of course, the first reason is the presence of God that is encountered each year. It is true God is everywhere and you can experience Him anywhere. What sets this week of youth camp apart from most other times is that the connection of Jesus and young people is already being arranged. They will arrive fully expecting Jesus to show Himself in each service and Jesus sees that they are intentionally making time to be with Him. This combination always charges the atmosphere for an explosive move of God.

The second reason youth camp is so great is nearly as important. Fellowship! True fellowship is more than just spending a few hours together at church or catching a meal from time to time. I believe it could best be described as living life together. That is exactly what these students do for a week at camp. They will pray together and play together. They will eat together and bunk together. They are provided an atmosphere to just be young people with as many of the sinful distractions that they encounter on a daily basis removed as possible. There will be tears, laughter, some health competition, commitments made, friendships forged, and most assuredly lives changed.

We can’t wait for youth camp 2018 and we really want you to be a part of it!

Registration Information

Pre-Registration Cost: $130

4/23/18 – 7/1/18

Standard Registration Cost: $150

7/2/18 – At Door

Registration for MNSC18 must be completed online!

See the link below!

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