As of July of 2015 there were approximately 302,000,000 apps available for download. In order to put that in perspective, imagine if you could download an app every second. To get them all would take 83,889 minutes. That’s 1,398 hours or 58 days. That’s right it would take you nearly 2 months to download every app at a rate of 1 per second. Not only that, you would also need to shell out a whopping $1,112,909 while you were at it.

Your generation has become increasingly familiar with the term and concept of an app. Or have you? I have recently asked a small group of students to do a seemingly simple task. To my surprise all of them struggled to complete it. I will ask you to do the same before we move on.

Please define the word app. displays the word as a noun and defines it as: an application, typically a small, specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices: This line of thinking leaves us to view an app as a thing. Something to be possessed and utilized as needed or desired. You can search for the ones you are interested in and bypass the rest. Furthermore, if you become frustrated, bored, or bothered by an app you simply push a button and it disappears from your life. With new apps being created daily it is not uncommon for one app to be discarded simply because a better one has been crafted.

While the definition provided by is very accurate concerning the common context of the word, it also shows the radical distortion of the word from its origin. The word app originates from the word application. Application while still a noun speaks much more of what is done rather than what is possessed.

I am in no way attempting to diminish the value of technology. Technology provides this generation of young people with a platform, from which to share the gospel, upon which no other generation has had the opportunity to stand. However, you must be aware that the enemy would like to utilize the same technology to distract you and distort your faith.

There are apps that must be downloaded into your life. They cannot sit unused in some compartmentalized folder, nor can they be removed when they become less convenient for you. These apps are unreplaceable and all attempt to produce them result in failure so never delete the original. You see each time you hear the preached Word of God there needs to be a download taking place. Every scripture you read and every word from heaven you receive in prayer needs to become your most valuable apps. Not just as possessions manifest as fond memories or quotes on a social media site, but as life changing applications to your daily activates. Not just as tools utilized to make your life easier but as actions taken to make your life better reflect Jesus. So I leave you with a question and a thought!

What was the last word you received from God through His Word, His Preacher or His Spirit?

There is an app for that!

– Jason Brooks
MNYD Youth President

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